My blog started because I wanted to share all my experiences and photos over here, in the US with all my friends back home. Back then I was still in Alaska and Rumbleinthearctic seemed fitting, I still think it is, but I am not doing that much exploration in the arctic any longer. I like adventures, hiking, travel and photography but those things are far from my real life, which includes a ton of other things. For instance, I am a Swede living in USA, I am a PhD candidate, I am a wife an I am a green card holder. In 2016 I left the beautiful state of Alaska and moved to a slightly larger city. It was quite the contrast after living in dry cabin in the middle of nowhere (Hello running water, toilet inside, warm long baths). I am a also cat lover, and I kind of got my cat as an addition to the dry cabin I lived in. I spent about 6 years of my life in a dry cabin (Cabin Life).

Madison, WI

    I now live in Madison, Wisconsin. I visit Montana and Yellowstone at least once a year and both W and I are secretly (ok maybe not that secretly but it sounded pretty cool to say that..) dreaming about moving to Montana when all the hardcore sciency base stuff are done (aka PhDs and that order). I currently work at the university (UW-Madison) as a research specialist, analyzing soil samples, mentoring other students and making sure that everything work smoothly in the lab. I am also trying to finish up my PhD dissertation. I hope you will enjoy reading about all my past adventures, at the same time as I am collecting new ones!