Pre-Spring in Denali

April 19th

    A couple of weekends ago we ventured off to Denali. We had such a beautiful weather, almost not a single cloud. It is like that a lot here, no clouds blue sky throughout the seasons. Well, almost always. But compared to Stockholm it's a huge difference.

    We drove by might Nenana, it scares me in the summer time. It is so big, and during snowmelt it rages like crazy. Last summer it was extremely high. And then we arrived in Denali. I like the fact that there are few other people visiting Denali this early. I don't like Denali in the summertime, it's too crowded. We brought our skis, just in case, but as we thought, a lot of the snow had already melted and we decided to go for a short hike instead, and try to get up in elevation for some views!

It's amazing how easy this is, to just go to Denali, just like that, for a day hike. And after a couple of hours we were done for the day. And I of course had to take a picture of mighty Denali

After that we drove back home again, through fantastic views of mountains

later that night the Aurora made an appearance.


This was a couple of weeks ago, so nowadays it is harder to catch the Aurora, it doesn't really get that dark anymore. But on the upside the summer is approaching fast....well ok spring is approaching fast. Have a day!