Life in NY

A Dream Come True?

I am not gonna lie, when we finally found out that we were going to move to New York City my heart dropped a bit. I had this tight knot in the stomach, because New York City, as cool and wonderful it can be to many, is not my favorite place on earth. But here we are. New York is huge, and we live in Manhattan, so we are in the middle of it. Life in New York can be pretty awesome sometimes, but also extremely hard. Rents are out of this world and so are prices for about everything. We are not made out of money and I have started a quest for cheap and free things to do in the city. There are many many things you can do of course, and I will probably write more about our life here and what we do, favorite bars, parks, streets yeah just about anything. New York City is huge and many times people forget about the state New York. We want to try and discover more parts of the state while we are here too, not just the big city.