Located in the midwest, and surrounded by mo....no by agricultural fields. Is there any fun for a mountain lover in this town?

    I moved to the midwest in June 2016. Yeah, the midwest is a collective term for a couple of states in, yeah the midwest, and Wisconsin is one of them. Famous for its cheese and agricultural land Wisconsin is a state that is growing on me. Madison, the capitol of Wisconsin is a lot larger than Fairbanks, AK, but far from a large city per see. Madison is a university town with a lot of culture, and bars. It is pretty great to be able to go downtown and actually see something, or walk through various stores if I choose to. Madison is surrounded by tons of parks, many of these parks are on BLM land, so you need to pay a fee to access them, or get a season pass. There are however many places that are free too. Below you can read all my blogpost about Madison and other parts of Wisconsin.