New Home

June 22

Ugh, it's been too long since I updated my blog, again. At least I can excuse myself by saying that moving to a new place across the country takes time. Adjusting to a new place takes time too. 

Wisconsin vs Alaska

I wont lie, I really really miss Alaska, but Wisconsin has a lot to give too, I just have to get used to it. There are so many more social things I can do here. There are local shops in various neighborhoods, many local breweries, and live music at cafe's and bars to name a few. I can go on a stroll down to two different lakes if I feel like it, walk or bike 5-10 minutes to hit a grocery store. The farmers market is huge, and cheap!

The past few weeks the temperature has been in the 90's (30°C), inside the temperature has stalled at about 77°F until this morning when it finally dropped down, to 74°F. We keep the windows open at night and close them during the day, we also did buy an AC when I just got here, which I am so happy about. I don't think I would have been able to survive without it. 

Tycho disappears during the night, probably out hunting, something, or trying to escape the heat. I think I know where he goes though, the neighbor's flower bed by the driveway. Maybe it's cooler there? He usually comes when I call for him, but not anymore. I don't know if he's angry that I took him away from heaven on earth to hell, temperature wise, it's hard to tell what a cat thinks. If he's not outside exploring the yard, or I guess the neighbors flower bed, he sits by the window and watches the day go by. He did do that in Alaska too, so that's not something new.