The late Garden

June 29th

Before I moved here I talked about the amazing garden I wanted to plant, and how awesome it would be. Well, it's end of June and we just finished the raised beds and got dirt. I want to say dirt because our soil was dirty, I mean it didn't really look that great. I'll top it off with some fertilizer though and hopefully my plants will continue to grow. My biggest issue is that something has been eating my plants. Ants? other bugs? I am not sure. Maybe the soil is not good enough? So many questions, so few answers. This will definitely be a trial year with these boxes. I caved in and had to buy a few squash plants, well the only seedlings I could find where we went, and they were so sad. 


One thing that is currently coming up strong though are my far so good. 

By this time in Alaska my garden was so big, like huge. I am not even near that stage here yet. We have so much sunlight in Fairbanks, but the temperature is not the best all the time. Here on the other hand, the temperature is so high and I will probably be able to grow my plants for quite some time.