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A Welcoming fall?


Flashback Friday

Fall in Alaska

    Fall usually arrives with colors in Alaska, but here in the midwest, I am still waiting. In Alaska fall happens early. You can expect to see the colors changing late August, early September. 


    The vegetation around Fairbanks is spruce mixed in with some birch and aspen. A typical boreal forest. Everything starts turning color almost at the same time, the fireweed, the birch, the salix, yeah everything. 


    By the middle of September the first frost has likely even happened. 


    Oh Tycho, I bet he misses the Alaskan Fall..


    Did Fall arrive where you are??

New Home

June 22

Ugh, it's been too long since I updated my blog, again. At least I can excuse myself by saying that moving to a new place across the country takes time. Adjusting to a new place takes time too. 

Wisconsin vs Alaska

I wont lie, I really really miss Alaska, but Wisconsin has a lot to give too, I just have to get used to it. There are so many more social things I can do here. There are local shops in various neighborhoods, many local breweries, and live music at cafe's and bars to name a few. I can go on a stroll down to two different lakes if I feel like it, walk or bike 5-10 minutes to hit a grocery store. The farmers market is huge, and cheap!

The past few weeks the temperature has been in the 90's (30°C), inside the temperature has stalled at about 77°F until this morning when it finally dropped down, to 74°F. We keep the windows open at night and close them during the day, we also did buy an AC when I just got here, which I am so happy about. I don't think I would have been able to survive without it. 

Tycho disappears during the night, probably out hunting, something, or trying to escape the heat. I think I know where he goes though, the neighbor's flower bed by the driveway. Maybe it's cooler there? He usually comes when I call for him, but not anymore. I don't know if he's angry that I took him away from heaven on earth to hell, temperature wise, it's hard to tell what a cat thinks. If he's not outside exploring the yard, or I guess the neighbors flower bed, he sits by the window and watches the day go by. He did do that in Alaska too, so that's not something new. 

Tycho the frequent flyer aka Tycho the earless cat

Frequent Flyer

On Monday I am shipping off my little kitty cat to new adventures. He's an avid flyer by now since I always bring him wherever I go during christmas, mostly Bozeman, but he's been to Madison before too. Madison is where he will be flying, cargo. Later in May W is flying up here and we are then driving all the way to Madison...fingers crossed. 

På Måndag kommer Tycho att flyga mot nya äventyr, han ska nämligen till Madison. Jag brukar alltid ta med honom då jag åker och firar jul (oftast till Bozeman) så han har flygit mycket i sitt liv :) . I Maj kommer W flyga upp hit och sedan ska vi bila ända till Madison, om allt går som det ska!

I am pretty sure Tycho will miss Alaska, but I am also sure he will settle in Madison too :)

Tycho kommer säkerligen att sakna Alaska, men jag tror att han även kommer att trivas i Madison :)