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Lazy afternoons?

I have been really really busy lately, and I can only blame myself. I feel bad when I have to leave Tycho by himself on the weekends. On Saturday though I did stay at home. I had to work on some data sheet so it worked out pretty well. I spent the morning in my chair on the front porch drinking coffee and hanging out with Tycho. 

På sistone har jag varit riktigt upptagen, och det är förstås bara mitt fel. Jag känner mig så taskig mot Tycho när jag lämnar honom på helgerna. I Lördags stannade jag hemma för en gång skull, och spenderade morgonen ute på altanen med kaffe tillsammans med Tycho.

Springtime arrived?

These past weeks have, per usual, been like a rollercoaster weather wise. Springtime in Alaska usually brings on the best april fools, but a lot earlier, already in March. Mother Earth can play tricks with you, letting you think spring is here one day and then reassure you that life happens on this planet on her terms the next day. 

Last year in early March, weather was pretty nice for a week, before it dipped down to 40 below. This winter has been extremely warm (all is relative right, I mean warm in the sense of 20-30 below instead of 40 below), and NO snow between late December and early March! We went 105 days without any new snow that stuck to the already thick snowpack that had arrived earlier. 

On Saturday Tycho and I was enjoying the warm spring weather, he napping in the sun and me doing chores, like hauling water.

Then on Sunday we woke up to about 4 inches of snow.....but by the end of the day all that snow had melted. 

Spring adventures in Alaska

When spring comes to Alaska everyone magically forgets all about winter and the 40 below days. It's classic, anyone from any country or part of the world where temperatures drop during the wintertime experiences the exact same thing. 

To me it meant I could start think about my garden, what I should plant and so on. Tycho was also very excited :) He roamed around like never before.

It also mean the semi start of the summer I guess. Mosquitos merged with BBQ and beer on the porch.