July brings Summer Birthdays


July 13th

    Many of my friends have their birthday in July. Three of my closest friends do, and W too of course, even W's brother! This year I celebrated my birthday alone, W is in Yellowstone and I am solo at the house, well I do have the kitty cats. I don't envy him for being in Yellowstone with all the crazy tourist, have you seen all that has happened there lately?

Birthdays are a bit overrated though, I mean every day we are one day older than the day before. Either way, me and W will go out for a nice dinner somewhere when he gets back.


I have spent many of my birthdays in the field in Alaska, couldn't ask for anything better :) I love being out in the field, out in the boreal forest, in the middle of nowhere (well almost) and that is something I really really miss.



    Here in Madison, instead of a stroll through the forest I now go for walks through the neighborhoods. Instead of berries and fireweed I am watching all the magnificent gardens. We have sunsets here too, but it's hard to find them, because they disappear as soon as they appear and most of the time there is a house or two that blocks the view.