Monona and Mendota



    Madison is this cute little town tucked in right between two large lakes (well everything is relative right?). The whole town is stretched between these two lakes, an isthmus (näs på svenska).


    People talk about the east side and the west side of Madison, we live on the east side. There are several small neighborhoods and completely impossible to NOT find a little small park or something alike. There are wildflowers everywhere, lovely beautiful wildflowers. 


The Capitol

    All roads lead to the capitol, this large building with a square around it. Every Saturday in the summertime there is a farmers market around the square, and no matter how early you get there it's always crowded. On Wednesdays there is a free concert out on the square, and people "reserve" their spot with blankets already early in the morning (even though the "rule" says you are not allowed to reserve your spot until 3pm). It kind of reminds me of a charter hotel in the Mediterranean, where most tourists "reserve" their sun chair already 5 or 6 am, even though you are technically not allowed to do this.