Blue Mound State Park

I have come up with two new themes for my blog, Adventure Tuesday, and Flashback Friday. I have so many pictures I have yet to share with the rest of the world, so I figured that these two themes could be a nice addon to my blogging. I hope you enjoy. Here is the first Adventure Tuesday post.

Blue Mound State Park

A couple of weeks ago W and I went to one of many many State Parks here i Wisconsin.  To enter a State Park you have to purchase an admission ticket, a sticker you put on the car. Annual admission sticker is 15.50$ compared to the daily which is 8$. Compared to the BLM land in Alaska these trails in the state parks here in Wisconsin (and probably elsewhere too) are highly maintained, and some of them even has asphalt on the actual trail. Going uphill is no problem because there are stairs put in, almost a little bit ridiculous coming from Alaska but it's very pretty. 

The forest here is so green, and lush. It definitely looks like a rainforest. 

At the Blue Mound State Park the main goal for us was to see some views. There are two different towers you can climb up for some views.

Again, showing how green it is here.

As always I love taking macro photos. There are some many plants here. I really need to read up on the vegetation here. Are you familiar with the plants where you live? What State Parks do you have in close proximity to where you live?