Pine Cliff and Lakeview Trails


Adventure Tuesday

I know the weeks seem to go awfully fast and September is already upon us. Although, no fall weather here yet since the temperatures were in the upper 80's this past weekend. 


Pine Cliff and Lakeview Trails

    We went to Governor Dodge state park again, and as I mentioned before these parks are fairly big with lots of different trails. This time around we decided to do a hike around the lake called the pine cliff trail, and also a smaller hike called the lakeview trail. Again these parks never seem to cease to amaze me. They are always a mix of deep forest, fields of wildflowers and if you are lucky even some cliffs. We started of in the forest before we climbed up the ridge line.


    You start by walking through a dense stand of deciduous trees, and work yourself towards a more pine dominated vegetation. 


    There are of course a ton of small details to look at as you move through the forest, much to W's despair.


    The main attraction is just like the name gives away, a pine cliff, that is a cliff with lots of pine growing upon it. 


    I am always so amazed that trees and plants for that matter can grow in places with practically no soil.


    Eventually we worked our way down the ridge and came back down towards the lake.


    With a thin layer of topsoil I was not surprised to encounter this area, where apparently a tornado went through a long time ago.


    These trails can also be used during the wintertime for crosscountry skiing. I just wish we will get enough snow to be able to get out this winter.