Camping at Perrot State Park


Adventure Tuesday


    We decided to go camping and to do some exploration in an area close to the Minnesota state line. We ended up going to Perrot State Park because the camping at the other state park in Minnesota (which we originally wanted to go to) was already completely full (Great River Bluffs State Park). We really wanted to get a campsite next to the water, but those were first come first serve so we decided to reserve a different one instead. Here in Wisconsin, and probably other states you have to reserve your campsite through Reserve America, which add on an extra cost of a delightful 9.65$ on top of the already ridiculous cost of 18$. Either way, we did have a nice time, but I do wish these places were more accessible and cheaper..


    And I think we were pretty lucky, because the mosquitos were kind of bad and probably would have been worse if we stayed closer to the standing water. 


    We hadn't been camping since the big roadtrip and had to figure out where we had put everything. The more you car camp the more things you figure out how to organize, and we have even more ideas now on how to further organize our stuff before next camping trip.


    I really like camping, in any way. It's a nice way of getting out from the city and just relax. In the US it's really common to go camping during the weekends. A lot of people have RV's of course, but a large amount still uses tents. In the evenings people start fires at their respectively campsite, a bundle of firewood is between 4-5 dollars. After dinner we were relaxing in front of the fire and ate smore's. I came up with the amazing idea of adding banana slices to the mix. If you haven't already you have to try it! it's AMAZING!


    What do you like best, car camping or backpacking and camping?