This past weekend I signed up for a mountainbike race, for free! It was only 10 K and since most of us grad students have our offices in so called "trailers" (yeah, literally that is what they are) the theme trailer trash came up.

The above picture is from earlier this summer when mom and dad was visiting

Ben in my lab, and trailer office is a really good biker, this is the guy who bikes all through winter no matter what (yes even when it is -40, which is kind of Ok, I even thinks its refreshing, although I never bike as far as he does..) came up with the whole biking idea! Sure thing, we all signed up for this, I had my new awesome Trek Marlin 29er (which I love!!) but there were people who had just classic bikes, eeh yeah, I mean other people in our team. At the starting line we quickly realized that it was going to be us and all the hardcore bikers in Fairbanks, well a part of them anyway. This is Bens Awesome blog btw.. Oooh and I believe Ben won the around 15 minutes or big deal.

here is ben biking in the wintertime

I think I finished around 36 minutes, which is pretty good I think, especially since my disk brakes failed halfway into the race and I was apparently biking with brakes on for the second half....

Either way, it was Awesome, and I loved it,

This is a part of our team taking off (above)

This is also a part of the team before the start..

Pretty good weekend, I also played intramural soccer last weekend... Yeah Soccer, (Swedes, think high school or maybe even Junior am I doing this again). Soccer is a pretty simple game, but I felt pretty beat up after that bike race the day before (It would have been awesome if I had stretched after that bike race...o well) but, I think I did a pretty good job playing defense and in the end we won 4-0!

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