Friday Theme, Cooking Food

About that, I have gotten into this tendency to not cook food. W is doing that most of the time, it's not that I don't know how to, it's more the fact that W always takes the initiative for it. When I go to the store I buy all sorts of different ingredients, with no specific dish in mind, or at least my head knows what I can make with all the ingredients. W on the other hand, always writes down exactly what meal it will be for each day of the week...So I usually pick up around the house, chop fire wood, start the fire in the woodstove, feed the cats, do the dishes (most of the time..), and then when I am done I usually have an awesome meal to eat. Very balanced eh? I do know how to cook though, as I said. I love having nice dinners with friends, and when W was gone Marie came over and I made pizza dough, and then we created our own pizzas, Beautiful Marie who moved to Seattle, I guess Fairbanks winters does that to you...

The end product was beautiful

W was gone most of the summer and I didn't only eat ice-cream ;)

I also had a garden, so I got some vegetables from there, Got some potatoes when we got back from the trip down south We also made some pickled beets...which we still havent tried....I really hope they are good and we bought some meat chickens that we processed this summer. We got some Halibut in Homer So this is what we use for our dinners, as much as we can. And, right now our freezer is pretty full. Halibut fish tacos...mmmm If you only tried fried halibut before, you totally missed out. I had only tried fried halibut before and I can't believe how someone can destroy this nice piece of fish by frying it!!

Speaking about the summer, we actually celebrated midsummer too, at Maries place, and there was some cooking involved in that, even though I probably wasn't the one who did the most. But I had a fabulous time.

Happy Friday!

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