Friday Theme, Buttons

Buttons buttons buttons, I wish I had some pictures on my computer of the buttons I usually press on in the lab, but I don't think I have. But I can tell you that you do have to have your tounge right in your mouth to not screw things up. This picture my mom took of me and D in the lab, I am to the right and this is the place i spend most of my time in, during the summertime, and as I said, it involves a lot of buttons, even though you don't see them here... But I do have some buttons, like here on this machine :) I can't say that our stove has that many buttons but a few..

These machines has a few buttons, and we are driving arounf on these in the summer time.

I really wish I had some more to contribute to this friday theme, but I don't really have any more pictures of this. However, I can let you all know that the talk I had today, went pretty well. I wish I had done a better job but i have a few weeks to practice on it for the San Francisco meeting.

I want to end with this song, that can really make you feel extremely confident. Should have played a couple of more times before the talk I had today though. Anyway, Happy Friday! [youtube=]

Posted on November 17, 2012 and filed under Friday Theme, Alaska.