Friday Theme, Accessories

I have been missing in action again, and this time it is because I have been on Christmas holiday. We usually don't go anywhere in the summertime, since that is when I have intense fieldwork so having a break for Christmas is always nice. This weeks friday theme is accessories, and I have a lot of accessories. Well I guess it depends on how you define accessories. From the dictionary, accessory noun 1 camera accessories such as tripods: attachment, extra, addition, add-on, adjunct, appendage, appurtenance, fitment, supplement. 2 fashion accessories: adornment, embellishment, ornament, ornamentation, decoration; frills, trimmings.

So, in a sense a lot of things can be an accessory. Whatever extra add-on you need in order to do something specific, or to dress in a specific way.

Petzl Headlamp
New Lens

I have a lot of accessories, and actually just recently bought a very well needed accessories for a dark place like this. I know you guys are so eager to hear what that is, it is so essential in our life's, note that I mean our as in mine and W's life :) A headlamp. Not so boring and non essential as you may think. Also my dear W bought me a new camera lens! And I am so excited, unfortunately I didn't receive it in time for our roadtrip so I haven't been using at all almost. I will in the future though.


This beautiful star is still hanging up, we keep it up all the time. It generates such a nice light, a really cozy light. This picture is from our previous cabin. I kind of miss it in one way, it was a really nice cabin too. But so small compared to the one we have now

W and his Kayak

W is a kayaker, and he brought his kayak on one of our weekend trips last year, something that I should probably write more about in the near future :) I am showing this picture of him cause his kayak is kind of an accessory for him I guess, maybe not strictly the right meaning but still.

New sunglasses
Old sunglasses

When you go camping here in the summertime, there is at least 2 essential things you need to bring. Your bear spray and your bear barrel. The bear spray is suppose to protect you from being eaten by the bear, and the bear barrel is suppose to keep odors away from the bear. I also tend to bring my sitting pad, I love it. It is so awesome to have something soft to sit on, although if you bring your sleeping pad too, it is kind of redundant. I of course lost my sunglasses in the field or somewhere this summer, made me sad. Luckily I had a spare pair. Still miss my old one though..

life west

I also got a life west last summer, I guess if you are dating a kayaker, you need one :)

I guess I haven't really felt inspired to write in a long time, but there is still much to show and stories to tell so I will try to update a little more frequently in the future.


Now, lets finish up with some mountains, since I love mountains :)