Friday Theme, Abstract

No, I did not forget about friday theme, actually I started early (7.30) friday morning with this post, but this Friday theme was a little tricky again so I never had time to finish it before I had to go down into the lab, and yes, now its Saturday again. It seems like the weeks past so fast. This Sunday I am going to watch the start of White Mountains 100 so I might have some pictures to share next week.

Anyway, back to Friday theme which is "abstract". Sometimes when I have a hard time figuring out what to post for these friday themes I go to the dictionary to read the definition. So we are focusing on shapes, patterns, lines, the form, structure, colours and everything in between. Something that is being captured in a way it would usually not be seen. What I love the most about these themes, is that it is totally up to you how you want to present the theme, the photographers eye.


I took these pictures below when we were going down to Cantwell to backcountry ski last weekend. It was early morning and the sun was just rising and created this beautiful light. And as we approached on of many bridges I reached for my camera and snapped some pictures. It has evolved that way, cause W is always driving and he doesn't want to stop at every single pullout, so I am used to taking pictures from the window. And a lot of my really good pictures have been taken through the window in the car, in motion. Sometimes I pull down the window, but with -20 to -40 degrees, that is not always an option anyone likes.


We crossed at least two bridges, this one below is the second:

Light poles

Wow, now when I think about it, I do have quite a few pictures that are abstract in their own way:


I do have a tendency to take pictures on shapes, and forms:


I love taking pictures from the plane:


Buildings often make interesting patterns:


Stairs, and also structures inside buildings:


But, nature is the best in making interesting patterns:


Flowers do a great job:


Before the storm in the watershed I work in:


Naked flower in the wintertime:


Layers of ice makes patterns when it melts:


Have great weekend, Im actually really hoping for spring soon since the temperatures again are down to 9 F...