Chasing the Light


    I have been interested in photography for quite a while now. I love taking pictures, maybe a little too much according to some. There is a tradeoff somewhere in between being caught up in the moment and being caught up in taking pictures. Sometimes I have to hold back and just enjoy the moment instead of trying to catch that moment and turn it into a picture.

    It is hard to capture all the feelings that some sights do make you feel, if not impossible. But you can try, and at least try to get close to share just what you saw or what you felt when you took that specific picture. I guess that is why we (as in photographers) a lot of times use picture programs to enhance certain parts of pictures. I value the light in my pictures a lot, and I always chase the perfect light. It is hard to be able to capture that perfect light, and those perfect colors.

    I bet everyone of you have at least at one point taken a picture and then looked at it, disappointed, about how it didn't show all those amazing colors that you actually did see, with your own human eye. But if we all were able to take identical pictures to what our eye could see it wouldn't be any challenge eh?

fall colors
Birch in the summertime


Sitting in my cabin, noticing how the lights shift, I can grab my camera and run outside any moment. Sometimes if we are out hiking or driving or doing something which mean I can't immediately grab my camera and take my perfect picture i have to bite my tongue and wait....sometimes the light is already gone when I get a chance to try and take that perfect picture, but a lot of time i do succeed.

Fireweed and the light
Olive in smoky sunlight

    Sometimes you just stumble on something that turns into something you wouldn't expect. I have stumbled on tons of pictures that doesn't mean anything alone, but with the combination of shapes or forms the whole picture is taken to another level.

Sunset and the dead fish

I wonder what he is thinking?

    This picture below I took in Denali. It was such a rainy and grey day, and then I just stumbled upon this scenery:

Man and the mountains

    I love taking pictures from the plane, especially flying over Alaska, and when you can see all the lights reflecting over the beautiful mountain tops. Then you feel like you are in heaven.

Flying High

    I am not a great nighttime photographer, so in the wintertime I tend to take sunset and sunrise pictures. Well I guess the is true for the summertime too.

Bridge in the night
Sunset in Homer

    Summer brings on amazing sunsets and sunrises too, amazing lights.

Sunset in Denali

    The good thing about the wintertime is that you don't have to sit up all evening to take sunset pictures, here the sun sets before 2 in the wintertime.

Sunset around noon

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!