Friday Theme, Wall...

A picture from France, makes me think about: The hills are alive...with the sound...

This Friday theme is "Wall", I had to think for a while to come up with the english word, all I had in my mind was "Mauer" for some reason. The english word is not that as specific as the Swedish word "Mur". My first thought was that this would be such a challenging picture theme, because when have I ever taken picture of a wall, of any kind. But then I remebered that hey, I actually lived in the UK for a go figure, I do have some old pictures of walls. Not only from UK, but mostly. What I think about when I think about a "wall", is something that separates my side from your side, maybe I have lived in the US for to long...

Anyway, moving on to an actual wall, stone wall, which there are thousands of around dartmoor, peak district, lake district and other place in the UK. [gallery type="slideshow" ids="1221,1222,1223"] They cut down all their trees and all that is left are sheep, stonewalls and sheep. No, not really but there is a great abundance of those two.

I have to say though, that I don't think the landscape would be the same without all their walls, stonewalls, hedges and so on. It really makes the landscape more interesting.

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="1226,1227"] It is amazing the labour it would take to build all these. I remember someone telling me that they are constantly repairing and rebuilding them and that labour is insane, but then they get paid good for it.


There are other types of walls too. Snow fence, to keep drifting snow from building up on the wrong place.


Or you could just put up a regular fence, to keep your animals in place, or to tell people that someone owns this land.

Fence In Victoria

Time to go now, I finish up with a last picture. A picture from Victoria of a really nice fence.

Soon enough I will have snow walls building up, with the help of My Labour.

Oh, but one more, something that I have to look forward to

Have a nice Friday!