"Unseasonable" Warm Weather


As half of October passed everyone are wondering where the snow is. Snow usually appear around the middle of October, at the latest! We did have some snow back in September but that snow disappeared as fast as it came. The meteorologist are calling it "unseasonable" warm weather. We are just now starting to have temperatures below freezing again, and with last years long winter it makes me wonder what this winter will be like.

This past year we had 200 days of winter (counting days with temperatures below 50F, October 4th 2012-May 9th 2013). The past season we had one of the coldest winters in history with temperatures dropping down to -50F, yes -50F, do you know what it feels like to be outside when it is -50F? We had several consecutive weeks with -40, I even biked to school in -40F/C.


This summer we had one of the warmest summers ever, up to 92F, after a winter with down to -50F. It makes me a little worried about this winter, will we see temperatures down to -40F/C as a normality this winter too? We had tons of snow last season, how much snow will we get this season since we haven't got any at all so far?

Either way I am craving winter dorkiness/adventures sooner rather than later. Time will tell.

Playing in the Snow

Until then: