And then the Sun Rose Again

November 15th:That lovely pretty fabulous amazing snow multiplied the other day, so I spent another couple of hrs shoveling some snow. And then when you start thinking about how lovely all this snow is, we get a storm. Not just any storm, but rain/ice drizzle, the temperature increased 20F according to the airport, 20F in one and a half hour, How is that even possible?? .. All that wonderful beautiful snow that had been accumulated, even though I swore over it while all got destroyed. Such a disappointment. I literally thought the roof was going to fly off during the night, and woke up every now and then by some loud noise, making me go downstairs and check that everything was fine.

Well in the morning the snow looked just like it usually does after a couple of days with warm temperatures in the spring. All dirty with needles and branches all over the place. Made me sad. And I refused to take any pictures at all of the disaster. But it started to snow again today. And I should be happy, cause a lot of my friends don't have any power at all. I do, and even if I didn't I still would be able to heat up the cabin with my wood stove, so I should be lucky!


Have a happy weekend!