Aurora again

I spent thanksgiving down south in Wasilla at my friends place. It usually doesn't get that cold down there but it got down to -10 F. We originally had plans to go out and get a christmas tree but decide to skip that because of the weather. The whole weekend was pretty relaxed and I really enjoyed just being able to hang out and not really do anything specific. My friends husbands family has an awesome house with a spectacular view. Truly mind blowing, and we went over there the other day and I took some pictures from their "yard". And of course if you know me, I love mountains so yeah, that is what I take pictures off, right of their porch basically:

Beautiful sunset:

When I got back to Fairbanks the temperature was around -29F, and I happened to see that the Northern lights were out again. So of course I had to take some pictures. Here is the cabin I live at with the Aurora, I have to admit it does look like a christmas tale, or what do you think?

Home sweet home:


Hope you guys had an awesome thanksgiving weekend too!