Endless snow

Morning Sun

Sometimes we tend to forget about the fact that winter in Alaska stretches over several months. A couple of weeks ago I for sure thought it was spring time, snow was melting and they finally plowed the bike/walk lane from my house to work. Blue sky and sunshine, bad skitrails and I was really looking forward to an earlier spring this year. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1867,1866,1861,1863"]

But then the weather in Alaska switches pretty fast, and before we knew it we were back with snow and below freezing temperatures.


And then again the weather turns and we are back to that endless dripping. Drip, drop, drip, drop, all day the snow that accumulated is continuing to melt. According to the research group at UAF we actually had less snow than normally, but we don't really care about that now, now we just want all that snow to go away. Well, at least I want.

Tycho doesn't really like the snow when it's this crunchy and unstable, and he tend to freak out when he sinks into the snow.


We tend to have a frequent visitor by the house, a squirrel....I guess it is a love hate relationship. He/she is not affecting the cabin...but he is stealing the bird food....sneaky little creature.


Anyway, we have above freezing temperatures and the sun rises early, and sets really late. So the spring is definitely on its way (cross your fingers).

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