Loss of Inspiration and Midsummer


June 20, Midsummer Eve?It is not that nothing has happened since my last post, it's just that my head has been completely blank. What should I write about? what do I want to show? I have done so much since I last wrote, but as any other blogger I have been busy, and also had zero inspiration.

The last couple of days it has been raining, a lot! The staff gauges at our watershed are under water, last week when I reinstalled one of them, the water was maybe up to around my thighs, and the staff gauge top was up to my neck...approximately. Now that does not tell you anything, but I would think that is around a 40-50 cm rise...So yeah, it has been raining. A LOT! Unfortunately the forecast has rain rain and rain as the future prognosis. So the longest day will probably be darker than it should be.


Here is a summer picture for now, from a hike I did in Yellowstone,

Happy Friday