Wintertime sadness?

What is the worst part about living here in the wintertime is a question I have gotten many times. After living here since 2009 I must say that winters are hard and brutal sometimes but not impossible. I can say though that lately I have felt less excited about the winter. This winter for instance I didn't get out skiing almost at all, compared to last winter when I skied to and from work almost every day! It didn't really get as cold this winter either, compared to last winter. Winters here can be cold, but so so beautiful. Snow covered spruce mixed with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. 

We also didn't receive as much snow as we did last winter. We went about 105 days between December and March without any new snow on the already thick snowpack. Last year on the other hand, we received plenty of snow throughout the season. This is probably also one of the reasons why I didn't feel like skiing at all this year. Now when I look at these pictures though from last year it makes me miss skiing, oh well, we can't always have it all.