A Night of Dreams and Memories

    It's time for Flashback Friday again. This time some family memories that I will share

Dreams and Memories

    Several years ago, yeah I can actually say several, my mom and dad came to visit us in Alaska. They stayed for a whole month. I rarely get to see my family nowadays, so this was something special to me. 

    We ventured out into the wilderness of Alaska, but one of the greatest memories I have during their time in Alaska is the trip down south. We went by Denali, Palmer and all the way down to Homer, but I'll share that story later. We managed to time the trip down south with the State Fair in Palmer, and our chance to see Avett Brothers. Well, mom and dad stayed at a motel across the grounds and did not attend the concert, but they could hear it. 

    I have never even been star struck, I mean never! But with Avett Brothers, wow, I was in heaven and I will always always remember it.

    Have you ever been starstruck? Or met any of your favorite artists? 

    I will always remember my parents first trip to visit me, so many places to show and so many feelings to share, of one of the dear places to my heart. I think they learned why I fell in love with the place. Stay tuned for more stories under Flashback Friday. As I have mentioned earlier there are a lot of memories and photos of my life in Alaska.