High Mountains and deep Valleys


Flashback Friday

Donnelly Dome


    Way back when, when I was still living in Alaska a friend of mine went on a hike a couple of hours east of Fairbanks. Fall had been in the air for the past couple of weeks and frost was moving in during some mornings. Winter is coming. One of the most spectacular things you can do in the mixed forest and the tundra of Alaska is to venture out and see the fall colors. Before you know it the leaves have all fallen to the ground and snow is coming down. We went to Donnelly Dome, which basically is a dome in the middle of a large valley, surrounded by mountains. If you climb it on a gorgeous day, you will have an epic 360 degree view. And we did.


Fall Colors

    I love the fall colors, and especially that red color that the tundra gets. The area around Donnelly Dome is so beautiful. Tons of small lakes, tundra, spruce, high mountains, rivers and everything in between. And lots of moose too!