Friday Theme!

I "joined" a group of other bloggers who have a Friday Theme where they post pictures that follows the specific theme of the week. The theme for this weeks friday blog is Evening! One of the hardest things to do here in late fall and winter is to take pictures in the dark, my camera is good, but it can't do any miracles. Therefore I am collecting a lot of evening pictures in the summertime. With 22 hrs of daylight you almost loose track on time. What I love about pictures is that they are a wonderful collection of feelings, and I can remember specific things about that period in my life, or the month or even the week and day. Another thing that for me is completely mesmerizing, is the nature, how wonderful complex the nature is and how incredible small we as humans are.

I came here to Alaska in 2009 and the schedule is busy, but as soon as there is any free time we try to go somewhere. For fourth of July in 2010 we went canoeing in the tangle lakes area, all the weather forecasts for all of Alaska showed rain, rain and rain. The drive to tangle lakes is a couple of hrs, and you can get really far in a couple of hrs, and the further away from the two "biggest" cities you go, the further away from human life as you know it you come. Hiking takes a long time compared to canoeing, you can get travel faster in a canoe or kayak than if you are hiking the same stretch. We apparently had the best weather at that time, a little bit of rain during the first day, but a beautiful evening.

To me, the nature is one of the most incredible things we have on this planet so I really consider myself lucky to live here, in the middle of all these wonderful places. There are many other wonderful places that I also would consider living in, as my or rather my dads summer house. That must be the birth of my fascination with nature.

However, I must say that somewhere inside me I still have stockholm in my heart.. :)

Isn't it incredible, that it can be 10 in the evening or around midnight and completely light!

I do realize, that we have this exact phenomenon in Sweden too, which is awesome.

So, the definition of evening itself is after 6 or around bedtime, however from the old english this term was considered when dusk is falling, or sunset. This makes it really interesting since in the wintertime our dusk is falling around noon (okay there aren't that many days when this actually occurs but it still counts).

There isn't really that much you can do during the evenings during the winter time, at least not outside. Literally, when it's -40 degrees you only want to get from point A to B if you even want to go out. Thank god for movies eh? But in the shoulder seasons, or if theres a warm-snap you can get out skiing. Our university has lighted ski-trails. How awesome is that?

In the summertime however, you have lots of time to hang out around bonfires, or BBQ and just chillax, well almost, cause then again you have all the Mosquitos...

Anyway, I think I talked enough about this topic now, so Happy Friday!!

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