Did I tell you about..

As the snow keeps falling I kind of remember all the nice things about this past spring, summer and fall. One of the most recent activities in this past month was the Far North Forest Sports festival. You can participate alone, but its nicer to be a team. You can be four to six people in a team, and I was asked to participate, but I said no because i really needed to work. The team was going to meet for breakfast in the morning of the day, and I decided to tag along and be their photographer. After a big cup of coffe and a lox tomato and capers bagel I was ready to head over to the "festival". We arrived, it was cold, rainy and overcast.. Ugh, and we were early, so we still had to wait a bit, in the rain...in the cold. So to warm us up one of the tem members said he actually had a double ax in the back of his truck (yeah...just randomly, I don't remember the whole story about that one..) so we could practice axe throwing. Well, that looked really fun, so I decided to try it out! An it was super fun, and I apparently (ego boost) had a talent for this, I hit the target ever swing, so after that I was recruited to the team. Even though I didn't have time for these festivities, I was suppose to work, remember, but who would say no for some axe throwing? Besides, I was already dressed appropriate...

That axe fitted really nicely in my hands, and nicely on the target.

I actually got second of all women, that made me proud, a proud viking :) Dana and I decided to do one of the most complicated activities at this sports festival which is moving a big stupid log.....which we deeply regretted after a couple of minutes.

Did I mention that it was heavy?

Anyway, at least we got third, of all three teams of women that did this....yeah. Other activities was to saw through a big "log", and me and Dana did that too. It was fun, but so heavy, my arms were dead by the end of that.

And we were so proud in the end of that 1.40 something minutes....the fastest team was about 30 seconds...

The most interesting part though, was the log rolling...in the water that is. Dana did that, she was a champ. I think this picture summarizes pretty well the feeling of "what have I given myself into". She did awesome though, she came in second by the women! This is when she got defeated.. I am pretty sure it was cold! Anyway, just a short update about a past weekend. Happy Wednesday!

Posted on October 17, 2012 and filed under Alaska, The great wide open.