Friday theme, Something that makes you happy!

There are so many many things that makes me happy in life. My family, friends, "job" (most of the time) and of course being able to be outside.It's really interesting how some people find their "home" in a big city, like New York, and others in a small cabin in the woods. Ok, so I must admit I miss window shopping, I miss being able to just walk down town, but I do not miss all the stress, and all the stressed out people. The human being have an interesting way to develop so different.

Here are a few things that makes me happy: The fact that my mom and dad were here for a whole month, and we had an awesome trip through alaska This is my home, where I grew up, and I miss it every day, (well maybe not every day, but a lot of times)

Another thing that makes me happy is being able to do this when I am home But as we all now, I am not at home and there are lots of other things that makes me happy. Like being able to be outside, you see, how happy I am :) I get happy when it the snow arrives, cause it means there will be time for skiing, ice climbing and just hanging out in the cabin.

Other things makes me happy, like taking pictures, I LOVE taking pictures and I try to do it as much as I can Summer evenings makes me happy, especially summer evenings at the summerhouse (but it's been a couple of years since i went there now...) All the opportunities that I have gotten, like riding in this helicopter for research, happiness! Just, as of now, being able to be outside and doing fieldwork in the summertime, seeing all these cool things that is pure happiness for me! Oh Almost forgot, finally being able to catch the aurora with my camera makes me HAPPY!! Happy Friday!

Posted on October 19, 2012 and filed under Alaska, Friday Theme.