Friday Theme, Something new

The theme for this Friday is Something New, and everything is relative, right, so a lot of things can be new, even though they are a little older ;)However, I actually did buy something new just the other day, and it made me kind of broke. But, this will keep me safe on the roads :) Actually biking in cold weather is not as horrible as it seems, it's exactly like biking any other time, you just have to make sure you are dressed well enough. Being cold is not Fun. I might do a blog post about winter clothing and biking or doing other activities in the cold, cause I feel like I had experience enough to have a say about it :) So if this is something you want to learn more about you should stay tuned..

Other new things I bought was a pumpkin. 10$ at Freds, pretty good I must say. Remember that a lot or rather all of the vegetables being sold up here off season is shipped from somewhere else, guess that is kind of the price you have to pay for living here.. Trust me, it will be carved...eventually, I never done it before so I was planning on doing it with some friends who know more than I do :) One good thing about living up here around this time is that the outside can serve as an extra freezer, so no worries about this pumpkin going bad if I carve it too early. The biggest problem would be the neighbors dog eating it, or the fox or the moose.

This summer we moved into a new cabin, it's not ours, we are just renting it. Bit it is new to us, and spending the winter in it is new too.

It might not look as much, but this little cabin is called the dry cabin mansion by our friends. This is really an upgrade compared to what I/we had before. The outhouse even has a door, now that's some serious upgrade right there. And the house has a foot pump and a 35 gallon water tank. A wood stove, two floors, and yes you can actually walk around upstairs. Nice kitchen area, living room/dining area, workspace, bed space and tv space. So definitely an upgrade and new for us this winter.

Anyway, now its back to work, Happy Friday

Posted on October 26, 2012 and filed under Friday Theme, Cabin Life, Alaska.