Friday Theme, Books

With books in the center of the universe today, for the Friday theme I am inviting you into our book case. Which isn't that huge, it is pretty small actually. We have two bookshelves, the main one is upstairs and the second one is downstairs, and dedicated to cooking books.

Most of these are mine, cause I got into climbing when I got here, and winter happen, and darkness and that means that I had a lot of time for reading, and exercising in the gym....

These are mine too, but to be really honest, I haven read them since I got here (a few of them might have been purchased here..), I read them a loong long time ago. Seems like I could almost get rid of them....but it hurts a little in my heart when i throw things away.

This is the most recent book I bought, still haven't read it though. I bought it in a bookstore called...mermaid something down in Homer. I hope I am going to have time to read it this winter.

This is what I read the most, or the type of book I read the most, together with these:

I really, really need to start reading other books though....

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

              -Marsha Norman

Happy Friday

Posted on November 23, 2012 and filed under Friday Theme, Alaska.