Friday Theme, Big and small

Todays Friday theme is Big and Small! When you live here you always see contrasts like this big and small. How small we are on this planet! This huge planet, we are just a small small part of it. This is something I think about a lot.


These thermokarst, seen above can be huge! Such an amazing creation by mother earth but also so alarming.

Baby bear

This little baby bear probably had a big mama somewhere close....luckily we did not run in to them.

Big 18 wheeler look pretty small in front of the mountains

It's all about perspective, right? big and small, near and close. This large 18 wheeler truck looks pretty small in comparison to the mountains in the background. Have you guys ever seen a glacier? I can tell you that they are pretty big, and we are so small in comparison. This is from Juneau, and we spotted some people that probably had been ice climbing on the glacier. They looked so tiny in comparison to that huge glacier. Still see them? Sometimes the moon look so big, and sometimes so small. It is really fascinating how it can differ from time to time. Anyway, I still feel really small in this big big world. Now it's time to sleep! Have a good night!