Friday Theme, Addiction

I keep forgetting/don't have time for the friday themes all the time, so since I did want to show you guys the last friday theme I figured I could do two in one. Last weeks friday theme was "on the walls". I am addicted to many things in this world. Im addicted to my computer, and internet. A really bad addiction I wish I didn't have. I am not even addicted to tv, I almost never watch tv, but no worries, I fill that time with other unimportant things.

As you all probably know by now I am addicted to my camera. extremely addicted, not only my Canon, but my IPhone. But it is so nice to just be able to take a picture whenever I see something really nice. The IPhone actually do take nice pictures, and sometimes it is easier to take up your IPhone rather than your big camera.

Island Park
Canyon Lands

These pictures above is taken with the IPhone and then I added a photo filter. It's from our roadtrip we did in January, Bozeman-Las Vegas and then up again....quite far and many many pictures.

I am also addicted to the winter and snow (But if you ask me in the summertime the answer will probably be quite different). The pictures below are also from our roadtrip we did.


We also drove through carbon county. And yes it truly was a carbon county, it was actually quite horrible to see, something like that in the middle of nowhere. Almost looked like a secret.

Carbon County!

Mountains, Mountains, Mountains. I love mountains, I am addicted to mountains. I took this picture (below) after the 4th of July celebration 2011. We came back from a trip to the tangle lakes. The weather had been pretty good, some rain some sun, just as you can expect in Alaska.

Paxon Glacier

This picture (below) was taken close to Toolik Fieldstation (a research station up on the north slope). I was there a couple of summers ago helping out some people in the lab with fieldwork.

Up on the north slope

The Tetons, Amazing mountains!

The Tetons!!

You all have probably also figured out that I am addicted to sunsets and sunrises, and "magical" light. I just have to take a picture when the lights are just perfect. Pure Addiction.

Sunrise over Fairbanks

Sunrise in Homer is creating this beautiful light

Sunrise in Homer

Sunset in Talkeetna by the river and parts of Denali (Mt Mckinley) can be seen

Sunset in Talkeetna

Sunset over Ballaine lake on my way TOO (yes too) work one night this past summer, sunset from my Iphone somewhere in Utah.

Sunset over Ballaine lake
Somewhere in Utah


Well that's a good addiction I guess, it could be worse. Now on to the previous theme which was on the walls. We do have few things on the walls here. 

  • Pans on the wall (below, left), a good way to keep organized :)
  • My mom sent me this one (below, middle), I like it :)
  • I think W found this painting (below, right) at the transfer station, it's pretty.
Pans on the wall
Free Beer
Old painting
  • W found this one too (below, left), at the transfer station I believe.
  • Of course, I love Avett Brothers, so they got a place on the wall too (below, middle).
  • This one (below, right) sits right over the sink....not that it always help, but sometimes :)
Avett Brothers
over the sink

I got these (below, a can opener and a knife) from my moms friend, the one with my name on is made from a deer antler I found at my summer house.

tools on the wall

Anyway, since the blog has been kind of wintery lately I will end with a summer picture :) Somewhere north of Anchorage I believe...or south, can't remember :)


Happy Weekend!