Friday Theme, In my Environment right now

Ok, so this weeks Friday theme just had to be one day late. I feel like this is something that occurs quite often. It is not cause I don't want to do them, it is because I haven't had time (read taken time). This Friday theme fits right into my life right now,  since that is what is causing me to be late....again. This, my friends, is what I was doing yesterday evening til 8.30 in the evening. Lab work. Once I spent 46 hrs in the lab, straight, cause I just had to finish the experiment and you can't pause it. Research is hard work to say the least.

Lab Work

Or when W helped me out in the field and we left around 6 in the morning and didn't finish until 7 in the evening, and then the 3 km hike, 30 minute ATV ride, and 1 hr car ride to get back into the lab (ate dinner somewhere around there), put everything in the freezer/fridge, Shower and then BED. And it just had to be around 86F that day (30 degrees C), and SUN and we ran out of our drinking water, so exhausted. Hauling soil back from the field, after coring for soil. On top of that, parts of the ground was still frozen that made it so much harder and exhausting.

This picture below (left) is from another day in the field. But I love my job, even though it takes up a great amount of my hrs, especially in the summertime. And it is so pretty out in the field!

The field

W has been gone this week, and since I don't have a drivers license (yet) I have been using other modes of transportation. Like my bike. Problem is, parts of the way is completely un plowed. Anther part of the way gets plowed every now and then. I biked Monday, tires didn't have enough air in them....cause the bike had been standing for a while, and that made it so much worse. Going home, a little better. But still...with the amount of snow on the ground it was like biking in sand. Biked to work again the next day, but then decided to change that mode of transportation.

I decided to give the skis a try, cause the worse thing that could happen is that you run into a moose :) I love skiing, and it is so beautiful in the morning and in the evening. It is not that far at all. Around 2.5 miles, depending on what trail you pick.

Snowy bike trail
morning ski
Ski trails in the morning

And the trails are so beautiful. Skiing in the dark is a little scary though, considering the moose...

Skiing in the dark
Moose track
Snowshoe hare
Details of the spruce

But in the morning you can see all beautiful details of the Spruce forest.

Tree hugging
looong Ski trail

The other day I even brought my Canon along on the ride.

cold weather

We will probably have this snow until april, at a couple of more months. But I do like it. Even when it's really really Cold.

The other week me and W were hosting Super Bowl at our cabin. Weather was just amazing in the morning when we were out running errands.

blue sky
Ciabatta and chocolate bread
yummy food

The day before I made ciabatta bread and chocolate bread for the super bowl festivities! really yummy!

Of course I can't leave out these two for this specific theme:


Have a nice Weekend!!