Friday Theme, Water

Stockholm i mitt Hjärta

The first thing that comes into my mind when I hear this theme is a Swedish song by a Swedish singer.  His name is Robert Broberg and he has a song called "water - the city is full of water" or "Vatten - stan är full av vatten" as the name is in Swedish. This theme makes me miss Stockholm and my summerhouse up in the north so much. Living in the interior of Alaska far away from the water is hard, but I must admit that it feels better now compared to when I just moved here.


Stockholm by night is so beautiful, and this is where I spent so many times running.


Being surrounded by water is something that I haven't really thought about before moving from Stockholm. I was so used to being by the water that I didn't even react to the fact that I always have been close to the water. Even at our summer house.

Summer house
Höga Kusten

Our summer house is called "the summerhouse no rest" kind of bluntly translated. Which means, there is not really any rest, since there is always something that needs to be done. A lot of people in Sweden have summerhouses, and our summerhouse is in the north of Sweden where my dad grew up. I miss the pine, and the forest mixed with the water.

The view

I love the water because it can make such beautiful reflections in the water, like this one below.

Spruce at ballaine

Hey guys, guess what, that picture above is upside down :) thought I would make something fun for you.

Before we leave Sweden I want to share one last picture with you, which is an old bathing house in a town called Varberg at the westcoast, where my dads brother live with his family.

W getting warm

But Alaska and the US have really nice water bodies too. Here is W in yellowstone trying to warm up:

San Fran and the Bridge

San Fran makes beautiful reflections in the water:

Yellowstone is really beautiful, but I have only been there in the wintertime, which might be just good, since there are less people there at that point. The hot springs create really cool things:

Colours in Yellowstone

Moving back into the west and Alaska, we do have an ocean touching Alaska. Down towards Anchorage,Homer and Juneau you have the mountains touching the water.

Mountains and the water
Sleeping Lady

In Anchorage there is a brewery called Sleeping lady, just like the mountain that you can see from the porch of their brewery:


Juneau and the ocean:

Homer at the beach

Sunset in Homer is always beautiful, it is amazing what a difference water can make in a picture.

Is it so surprisingly that my research is about water too? Guess not. I had to keep myself connected to the water.

Chena River
in the watershed

Water is such an essential part of life, we need water to survive. This picture on the right is showing my old cat Moje, who lived to be twenty something.

In Juneau
W in his Kayak

It is also a great way to transport yourself. Two years ago me and W went on a canoe/kayak trip in September, and it was so great, The colours were so nice.

On the river
Water forming canyons

Also, water has the great capability of forming stone through time:

Blueberries and ice

By the end of September everything starts to freeze, even the berries, and you know, ice is just another form of water.

Contemplating ice
Ice form

As weather gets colder you water falls are starting to turn into icefalls and before you know it you can climb them. This picture above is a picture I took of a friend of mine, the one I always go climbing with. She is contemplating the climb we have in front of us. The Ice is really thin and you can actually see the water flowing. It is more of a mixed climbing.Ice can form these beautiful natural patterns:


But us humans can also alter the ice and turn it into jus about anything. Like we see at the Ice Alaska Championship every year.

Lion Art
Ice Art


To finish up I will show you what happens when boiling water meets -40 degree air. [wpvideo L9dVTDzD]