Friday Theme, Magic

I know I know, one day late again. But I just don't have time to write on fridays, busy at work and then I want to do something fun when I get home instead of continuing sitting in front of the computer :) With a risk of making you tired of mountains I will show you some pictures that feels like magic to me I took this picture (below) just yesterday, it is the view from our friends house. Okey, I did zoom quite a bit, but still.


I love the landscape of rolling hills and farms, it is really beautiful. The picture (below) is from France, Vosges, really close to the Swiss border. Magic.

Vosges, France

When I was in Abisko, we did one hike that ended at this lake (below). The lake is called "Trollsjön" or "Troll lake" as the name would be in English, but the real name is Rissajaure. The lake is the most purest and clearest lake in Sweden, you can see 34m down, now thats magical.

Mountains mean so much to me (As all of you probably know). Sometimes I get goosebumps by just looking at mountains. They are so incredible.

Situations can be magical, like this one here (below) hiking home after a long day in Lake District (England). It was such an awesome afternoon/evening.

Lake District hike
Misty landscape

This mist (below) is really characteristic of the landscape where my summerhouse is. My mom always used to say "the elves are dancing now" when we saw it, and that is really magical.


One thing that is absolutely 100% magical is northern lights, the Aurora of the north. It is incredible.

in Denali

Well, in reality the whole world to me is magical

Have a nice Weekend!