Friday Theme, From a different Perspective

Brudsporre (Gymnadenia conopsea)
Fjällspira (Pedicularis hirsuta)

Todays friday theme is a little tricky, but as with all these themes you can interpret it in your own way.I have a lot of pictures that are taken from a different perspective, mostly catching a flowers perspective of the world. I love taking pictures that have blurry backgrounds, focused on one specific thing with the world in the background.

Flowers in the air
The insect and the flower

Another different perspective is the way that insects view the world

The spider and the flower

The plant on the picture below is probably not anything I would recommend to an insects, it's Sundew, an insect eating plant found in the boreal forest.

Beautiful plant

Plants are really beautiful, and I love taking closeups


Sometimes I take pictures and wonder how it would be if I could walk around in the woods as a much smaller creature.

Happy Dogs

Every second year the Yucon Quest starts in Fairbanks, last year was one of those years. Of course I brought my camera. That is the perspective of a bunch of happy dogs doing what they only know.


Of course I can't leave out climbing, ice climbing, and the different perspectives you get there.


Me and W got a different perspective of life and people when we went through Las Vegas, the town that never sleeps....

Well, with that it's finally time for bed. Less writing and more pictures today, but that is what the friday theme is all about for me.

Since you all know how much I love mountains, here's a picture from last weekend, Hopefully I will se many more this weekend :)

The Mountain

Happy Weekend!