Friday Theme, May, May Welcome

Well, I guess I could start by saying: What, where? Is there May anywhere near?We do not have any regular may weather here right now. There is a never ending winter that linger around Fairbanks as we speek. The forecast calls for temperatures around 32F, so around 0C. We will see when fieldwork starts at this point.


I was recently back in Stockholm though and we saw the typical May weather (even though it was only April) maybe a little on the colder side, but not compared to here.


Flowers are usually one of the signs for spring. I remember last year we went kayaking right around this time. And while there were some snow here and there, there still were some buds blooming (below).


It was warm enough to be kayaking (above), and the weather was pretty good, that is Alaska good. No snow on the ground in the forest where we camped (below).


Even the Tanana was ice free (above). I do not think it is ice free today. By 1st of June last year everything was green again (below). At this rate I am not 100% convinced that it will look the same this year on the 1st of June.

Denali Highway

A couple of years ago I went on a hike on May 30th and while there were some spots where there still were some snow, it was pretty green, and warm. AND wildfire season had already started.

So, for now these pictures represent May for me, cause in my mind it is not suppose to be snow on the ground in May.

Handstand in the snow