Friday Theme: When Evening comes

Tangle Lakes

There is something special about evening in the summertime. Mostly cause you are able to be outside later in the (most of the time) balmy night. Darkness never really hit up here in Alaska, and it generates this specific kind of feeling about summertime. My summers at my summerhouse were similar, but different of course. Light evenings, even though it was 11pm. You can go so much further during your hikes, you don't really seem to get tired. I know I have showed you similar pictures to this one below before. But I do love the ability to be able to experience this here. And to be able to feel the calm of the nature.


Also having a campfire, being able to bbq or make smores, and just be relaxed and think about how lucky you are.

Evening Sun

Seeing the mountains shine in the evening sun is amazing.

Denali National Park

Or just stop and realize how beautiful the world is. How lucky I am to be able to see all this through all the different seasons.

Tangle lakes

Lakes, Mountains, Colors everything looks so beautiful in the evening light.


Even in the bitter cold winter, the evening light is really beautiful.

Fall colors

And of course, fall with all the majestic colors.

Hope your weekend was amazing with lots of beautiful evening feelings!