Friday Theme: In My Neighborhood


So far I have lived here about 4 years, not in the same place but the neighborhood is still the same. Well, it depends on the perimeter you use, I use a pretty large one, which mean I can show you more. But it's walking distance to all the places. The University is about 2.1-2.4 miles from here depending on what way you choose, but I still count it as my neighborhood. During the summertime you usually see smoke, cause there is always a fire somewhere, and everything kind of centers around Fairbanks no matter what it seems like. That same view, the parking lot (above) is probably the most common view I have, leaving my office to go to places, and I always make sure I take a picture every once in a while. I also like the fields down the slope from campus.

The fields

The mountains of course, and the sunsets. I like our campus, it's really pretty, and in the summertime it is really calm, no students (almost) but lots of tourists, mostly around the museum though. We have the university trails around there, walking and running in the summertime, and Skiing in the wintertime.

Museum of the north
trails 3

The pretty lake. Closer to home we have the dogmushing trails. We have a nice field right outside our cabin, even in the bitter cold it's pretty. On the other side from our driveway, there is a restaurant and a golf course. In the wintertime the sun always sets between the restaurant and the end of the field, and calls for beautiful sunsets.

The lake
Dogmusher trail2
Dogmushers trail

And of course we have our cabin, and the neighbors cabin to the left, but most of the time it is empty.


And that is about it, I think I showed you a lot of my neighborhood. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!