New Month, new Routines

Hello friends, as you know I am not the best when it comes to update this blog. But the main reason for this blog, as most of you know or will know, is to share my pictures of this wonderful nature and world as we all share together. So, as a new month enters our world I think I will start something new, to keep me and you up to date with my world and nature. I will start posting at least one picture a day, it doesn't necessarily have to be taken that specific day, just something for you to rest your eyes on. I might not write a whole lot about it, other than a few words, cause we all know that a picture can say more than a thousand words.

Every now and then I will probably also write longer blogposts, and share multiple pictures and stories as I have in the past.


October 1st. That pretty little plant that is invasive and has taken over large parts of this town...


The deciduous trees aren't the only ones that are turning brown, the spruce got pretty beat down by the drought this summer, and their needles have turned brown..

That will be it for this time, feels weird with such a short blogpost, but I rather update frequently so you have something new to look at, than updating every 2 months.. :) I hope you enjoy this new routine. I have a hard time holding back from posting 20 more picture, so you will see more.


How Tycho views this world