Oh summer where did you go?

October 2nd: [gallery columns="2" type="slideshow" ids="1168,1169"] I love the Fireweed and the color. It just absolutely makes me happy when I see it, even in the fall when it's all over, I do appreciate it still.

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="1174,1175"] We have had a long long fall this year, quite amazing, we usually don't get such long shoulder seasons. Now we are just waiting for the darkness and cold.


Soon enough winter will be here, and we will be waiting another 200 days for temperatures above 50F (10C), yup, that is how long the last winter was last time, well, that is counting days below 50F :) . Why do I live here? Oh I don't remember any longer.

Tycho soaking it up

Until then, better soak up the last of the "warm" weather, well that is highs of around 50F.