And then the Temperature Dropped

This week we have experienced a little bit of a colder weather, or I guess it actually started during the weekend. This morning it got down to about -4F. The nature always looks so beautiful during these low temperatures. And as I was waiting for the sun to rise I took some pictures. I usually don't like skiing when it's too dark out, since I am terrified of running into a moose on skis :) I like how pretty the trees look all dressed in snow.

Everything looks so peaceful with the snow, almost as if everything were asleep (which I guess it kind of is).

Sun finally rose and I could start skiing to work. I usually don't like skiing to and from work when it's dark, because I don't want to surprise/or be surprised by a moose. Some of the trails are kind of narrow too.

The temperatures are suppose to drop down to -30 to -40 tonight and tomorrow. We will see if the weather forecast is correct or not. Either way I am skiing to work tomorrow.