Friday Theme - Black and White Portrait

This Friday I am jumping on the Friday Theme train again. I haven't really done the Friday Theme in a loong time. Mostly because some of the themes have been tricky, and other times I just haven't had time. So todays theme is "Black and White Portrait", and I usually don't like adding pictures of other people on my blog (it happens every now and then but not today) so I figured I could turn a recent photo into black and white...or white and grey I guess, since that is how most editing programs make them, and yes I am sure there are some specific things you can do to edit the program filters but I like the greyscale black and white :).

Self Portrait1

This photo above was of course a "color" picture originally, and I actually took it yesterday while skiing to school/work, it was -34C and I felt really cold for once... I really liked my eyes in this photo and wanted to highlight them, so I decided to make it black and white and then use one of the "tools" in the picture editing program to "brush away" the black and white. Now I did this, and was thinking: Man this is bulls€%, it doesn't do its work correctly... So I changed my way of doing it and decided to brush in black and white on the whole photo, but the eyes. And then I realized that my eyes really are that blue in this photo. I thought the brushing out black and white didn't work because the eyes were so blue. My eye color is generally blue green and depending on what I am wearing, or the surrounding colors they shift between those two colors. So I guess that yesterday my blue side of my eyes was enhanced, and of course it's only a photo :).

Here is another black and white photo I made from a photo. A really good friend of mine took it with my camera when I was in Rome to visit her.

In Rome
In San Fran

This photo below, W took last year in San Fransisco. Both of us were so happy because the weather in San Fransisco was so much better compared to Fairbanks. This was last December.

When we are at it, I want to share some of my other black and white photos I have taken.

Bison in Yellowstone

This photo above is from Yellowstone. W's family usually go there every christmas/new year, and I love it. Below are some photos taken with my iphone that I made black and white [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1619,1620,1621,1622,1623"]

Happy Friday!!