Bear bell Moose bell


The last weeks we have had a pretty interesting weather. Last weekend we had -40F and this weekend 8F, so definitely a roller coaster. When warm weather comes in, and cold air is still stuck in the valleys, this optical illusion is created. I don't know exactly how it works but it looks really cool.

Last Saturday I was really itching to get out skiing, since I had been away for quite a while. Even though temperature was around -36F I still ventured off.


It was awesome! I was taking a smaller, less used shortcut trail between two main trails. The trail was pretty narrow and as approached the main trail I saw a big bull moose further down the trail. He turned his head and looked at me. Which is normal, but usually they continue browsing after the see you or they walk away. I started to reverse in the ski tracks because the trail was too narrow to turn around. Still watching the moose watching me I decided that the best thing would be to take my skis off and walk back to the other main trail. As I am unclipping my skis I see in the corner of my eyes that the moose is now turning his body completely and is now facing my direction. That totally freaked me out and I grabbed my skis and started to walk/run towards the other main trail. Now the problem here was that this was a less used trail and snow was deep and unpacked, which resulted in me falling over. Luckily I never saw the moose again but I did hurt my leg. So a couple of days later I was leaving my cabin, on bike, around 7 or so in the morning. As I was getting my speed up in my driveway I look up and see half of a moose sticking out from the bushes on the side of the driveway. I have a split second to realize that I cannot get pass him without getting hurt but my speed is too fast so as I break I have to turn the bike at the same time. Almost falling off the bike, the moose hears me but luckily he was as scared of me as I was of him. Two moose encounters in one week is quite intense. They really are intimidating. And to be honest, I am more afraid of moose, than bear. But that is just me. Makes me think about getting a bell or something, just to make a little bit more noise while I am out there. We will see.

In Alaska right now, the angle of the sun can really make these incredible light shows. Really unbelievable. And also shows that it is extremely important to have sunglasses.

sun rise

And still, you know me, and I just have to take pictures of mountains. Because I love them.

Sunrise and the mountains

This weekend we went out on the lake for some skiing. We have trails really close to campus or rather right on campus so it is really nice to get away, even if it is only for 30 minutes.

Skiing on the lake

And of course, skiing with friends is probably the best method to keep the moose at a distance.

Hope you guys had a warm and awesome weekend!!