Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop

Drops on a branch

Two weeks ago we had temperatures down to 40 below, the other day, 40 F. As in PLUS 40 F. Major things are happening throughout Alaska, this is very rare, but not unheard of. Currently Homer (according to my weather app) has 50F!!! The road to Valdez is closed, due to several avalanches that now have snow burying the road, in some place even 50-70 feet deep (or more). The first day it felt nice, but then as the temperature continued to stay pretty warm things got less exciting. Ice building up everywhere, roads and ski trails. Causing businesses and schools to close. Water dripping from the trees, leaving less and less snow cover on the ground.

The days are getting longer and longer, and the sun is really intense!! In the mornings when the sun is just right, it lights up the greenhouse and gives it this beautiful shiny light. Looks so warm. 

We are also having these amazing sunrises, of course, as I have bragged about earlier.

And now the temperature has dropped a bit, again. We will see how long it lasts. But hey, it is only January, and we still have a couple of months (or rather we should have a couple of months) until spring arrives. I am sure the temperatures will drop drastically pretty soon. I am itching to get out skiing again, preferably on snow and not on ice..

Have a nice week!