Bitter cold but oh so sweet

The past few days have been pretty warm compared to last week when we had a really bad coldsnap. But today for some reason the weather gods decided to drop the temperature once again. This morning we were back down at -39C. 

I have been skiing to week as much as I can lately, barring bitter cold temperatures of course. But certain days I really have to get into to work, and my best option is skiing. With my car close to breakdown and a not so winterized bike, that is what I am left with. I don't have to ski that far. It's actually pretty close to get into work, just around 2.4 miles. The worst part is of course to ski in the darkness. This, because I have this great fear of running into a moose. 

I love when you can see all the snow covered trees, and the pink sunsets and sunrises. It always makes me smile and craving more, more nature. I could however live without this bitter cold.