Spring is around the corner?


The weather has been playing tricks with us all winter, and of course this little game has continued. Currently the weather is mediocre, but really warm for this month comparably to previous years (currently 46F at 7 pm). It's always fun to go back and look at old pictures and see when the first snow arrived, when the first sign of spring arrived, when the snow disappeared etc. A lot of people of course define spring differently. Even though spring has an official definition. My definition is bud burst. First you have a bud, and then the bud burst. Life has returned, spring has sprung. 



This normally doesn't happen until May, and believe it or not, but I usually kill my first mosquito before this happens. 

Spring never had such a great impact on me when I lived back home. Mostly because back home the season of spring is kind of long. Here you can miss spring if you are gone a couple of days. I have gone to Denali for hikes previous years and the way down looks kind of dull, coming back you notice a color change, the bud has arrive. Within a day or two bud burst has arrived. 

But, for now I am still waiting, waiting for the first mosquito and spring. Weather forecast says it's gonna snow on Saturday and Sunday, but I stopped believing in them a long time ago.